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Our business is creating, developing , repackaging and labelling

Consumer packaging

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Labelling. We have the skills for the best results


From bulk products to consumer packagings

Specialist in co- packing

Flexible and food safe work is the basis of our process
Professional packaging
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It is one of our specialties: large quantities ... and small quantities

Even small quantities

Because packing your products is handling your quality


EversPack is a packager for the entire food industry. Repackaging of large units to smaller packages. In little bags, cups or bowls. Mechanically with 6 high quality packaging lines or manually. For large and small quantities and we generate your labels in company in your own style and with the correct names, the right ingredients declaration, THT, bar code and batch number.

Labeling, also with double label. Repacking and packaging of all dry products such as nuts, rice crackers, dried fruits, seeds, raw food, mix, organic products, chocolate, pretzels. Protecting your valuable products during transportation and storage by using proper materials.
We’re just good at it.
And flexible, because being there for our customers is our driving force.
Every single day.